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Autumn 2018


A brief tour of what I have been up to this Autumn, it's been stunning. From the Peak District to Wales and the Lake District there has been some beautiful light and stunning colour. Please take a look and let me know what you think...

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Thanks for looking. ...more

Adventures of 2017


A look back on the year that was 2017....
Rather than a 'Best Of' to celebrate 2017 I wanted to do something different so I wrote a blog instead. It's more like a visual diary of the year by month with a little text and some of my own favourite images. Please have a look when you have time, feel free to comment, and many thanks for all your support, hoping 2018 will be a great year for you and yours....

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One Winter's Day...


A Winter's Day in the Peak District, view the full article below. ...more

Nisi Natural Night Filter Review


With the release of the new Natural Night filter from Nisi I wanted to give it a test to see if it lives up to what it promises, and the results were intriguing. Read on for more. ...more

ND Filters and Long Exposures


We have all seen those images with “Milky” smooth water and streaked clouds, I’m asked time and again how it’s done and the best technique. So here’s some information and a few tips from my own experience gained over the years. ...more

What Are You Shooting?


Have you even been on a location and an inquisitive passer buy asks you the question, "What are you taking pictures of?" It happens to me often and usually the question puzzles me as much as the person asking. ...more

To Mono Or Not To Mono


Black and white images can often affect us in an entirely different way to colour images. It's the same image and the reaction to how we perceive it should be the same, but its often entirely different. Why is that? Read on to find out why I think that is. ...more