What Are You Shooting?

Have you even been on a location and an inquisitive passer buy asks you the question, "What are you taking pictures of?" It happens to me often and usually the question puzzles me as much as the person asking.
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Out On The Pennine Way
I was out recently with my good friend herman who came over form Holland to spend a few days shooting. Holland is flat you see. One trip was to one of my favourite locations, the Pennine Way on Saddleworth across Castleshaw Moor to Standedge. It's a couple of miles walk across a bleak solitary moor, and then drops down to the 'edge', a low cliff faces formed during the last ice age with fantastic rock formations. I enjoy this place because it's little known other than to hikers and mountain bikers, and it's always peaceful. The spectacular view drops down into the valley overlooking Casteshaw reservoir, towards Oldham and Manchester.

So after a few shots with some fantastic moody light we moved onto the edge itself, and we were greeted by a passing mountain biker, looking worse for wear, weary, wet and cold. It was a pretty grim day. He asked the question "What are you taking pictures of?". We were standing on the top, some amazing rocks balancing on the edge, with views over to the reservoir in the background, some threatening broody black clouds in the sky letting few rays of sunlight hit the landscape. And he had to ask? He obviously enjoyed the landscape or wouldn't be there on his mountain bike. This is something that happens quite often and it always amuses me in a puzzling and intriguing way. Maybe some people don't see landscapes in the same way as me?