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Discover Nisi M1

The Nisi M1 70mm mirrorless filter system is based on the same ingenious system as the bigger V5 system. Developed especially for the Micro Four Thirds system and smaller cameras with a lens thread, ideally suited for Olympus, Fuji, Panasonic and other mirrorless systems.

With filters sizes of 70x100mm, the system is designed around the optimum size for maximum coverage of field of view and compact size. The M1 Mirrorless System will suit all lenses with a maximum thread of 58mm. Precision engineered from CNC milled Aviation aluminium, with a mat black anodized finish, the system uses the same self-locking mechanism and polariser built into the lens adapter ring. The polariser can be used independently of the filter holder and can be removed from the adapter when not required.

This ingenious solution provides an all in one system without the need to purchase expensive and large polarisers. Being closer to the lens allows the polariser to be completely light sealed and will not allow light to reflect back into the lens. The adapter is threaded for 58mm and fits easily onto other lenses down to 37mm via inexpensive step down rings.

Included in the Nisi M1 Mirror Less System:
M1 System filter holder
M1 System adapter ring with polariser mechanism
M1 System multi-coated polariser filter
Compatibility Image
Although designed for lenses up to 58mm thread, it is possible to use the Nisi M1 filter system on larger thread lenses. With modern Mirrorless lenses getting larger, some work-arounds will allow compatibility with larger thread lenses.

For example the Olympus m.Zuiko 12-40 Pro f2.8 has a lens thread of 62mm and FOV of 12mm. Using a step down ring 62-58 will allow the use of the M1 system with no vignetting.
Larger threaded lenses may also be used only with a narrower field of view, such as the Olympus 40-150 Pro f2.8. With a lens thread of 72mm the M1 system will be suitable with no vignetting. Please note that whilst the lens barrel will not fit within the holder recess a 58-58 extender ring (4mm wide) will offer compatibility with no issues. A step-down ring 72-58mm would be required.

It is important to recognise that whilst larger threaded lenses may be used, there is a limit. Whilst the 12-40 67mm threaded lens will suit, the Olympus 12-100 Pro will not because it is 72mm thread. 12mm and 72mm thread is not suitable.

For all lenses of 58mm the M1 System is a suitable compact system which can be a great travel system, even for lenses as wide as 9mm. For A-PSC System the limit of compatibility is 62mm thread with a FOV no wider than 18mm. Please note the rings suggested are available online on many marketplaces for very little cost.