Discover Nisi V5 Pro

The Nisi V5 Pro Filter System holder is the innovative and ground breaking system designed and engineered by Nisi to provide features that actually benefit the photographer.

The V5 System was born from one simple concept, providing an integrated and yet removable C-PL filter closer to the lens, and independent of the filter holder itself. By re-engineering the lens ring Nisi produced an Adapter which not only suits wide angle lenses down to 16mm full frame, it also becomes a completely light sealed and independent C-PL, turned by cog wheels on the outside of the Adapter. No longer do you need large expensive C-PLs which have to attach to the front holder causing light to reflect back into the lens.

To address the need to buy expensive additional adapters for other lens threads as with other systems, the Nisi V5 main adapter is threaded for 82mm, with slim step rings included for the most popular lens sizes. It is fully compatible with all standard lenses and will not vignette even with wide lenses down to 16mm.

Precision CNC milled from the highest quality Aviation aluminium with a mat anodised finish to reduce reflections. Rails have been re-engineered to provide side pressure gripping filters to ensure smooth sliding, reduce vignetting on the widest lenses, and will not leek light. The lock pin is self locking and will not accidentally detach whilst out in the field.

Included with Nisi V5 PRO 100mm Filter Holder System:
V5 System filter holder
V5 System adapter ring with polariser mechanism
V5 System multi-coated polariser filter
3 steps rings for 67, 72 and 77mm lenses
Strong Leather Storage Case