Discover Nisi S5

Welcome to the NEW S5 System from Nisi Filters, the revolutionary system designed for today's modern ultra wide lenses requiring the use of 150mm filters.
The system is the next evolution in the Nisi Filter System, building on the success of patented designs and engineering quality to give photographers class leading gear that will actually give real benefits.

The approach to the S5 builds on the innovations introduced in the V5 Pro and M1 Systems, by utilising a 'close-to-lens' C-PL system which can be operated independent of the filter holder. The Benefits are clear, the position of the filter holder is undisturbed, the C-PL is sealed and cannot reflect from the rear, and it is independent, meaning it can be used without the filter holder.

Engineered from the best materials available it is CNC machined from aviation aluminium, using a quick instal lens adapter, and uses innovative easy slide filter rails. Available for Canon, Nikon, Tamron, Sigma and Sony, discover the benefits of the Nisi S5 System below.