Olympus 7-14 Pro Adapter & 100mm Filters

The new 7-14 lens filter adapter from Phil Norton Photography has been developed specifically to provide a solution to allow the use of filters with the Olympus m.Zuiko 7-14mm Pro lens.
Please note - The 7-14 Adapter is compatible with the Nisi v5 Pro and also fully compatible with the new Nisi V6 Filter Holder.

With the introduction of Super Wide Angle 14mm lenses from Canon and Nikon, Olympus released their version in 2015, the Olympus m.Zuiko 7-14mm f2.8 Pro. This premium lens has an ultra wide field of view, metal weather sealed construction, class leading optics and resolution worth of a “Pro” label. However the convex design of the front element and the necessary built in lens hood prevents having a lens thread and therefore the use of filters.

Filters are one of the most important accessories to a landscape photographer for controlling and extending exposure. A number of filter holders are now available from manufacturers including Nisi based on 150mm wide filters, which are far too big and cumbersome for the small Olympus 7-14mm Pro. The logical conclusion was to develop an adapter based on the more comprehensive and popular 100x150mm filters.

The 7-14 Pro Adapter has been carefully modeled using 3D software and prototyped through various stages using 3D printing technology. It is designed to accept the Nisi V5 and V5 Pro filter holder to benefit from the quality of the Nisi system, and the quality of Nisi glass filters. Tests with other filter holders showed that vignetting could occur when using two slots at the lens’ widest end, and modified rails with minimal slots could allow light leakage using ND filters and reduce the ability of slots to actually support filters. By producing the adapter to minute tolerances of 0.3mm, the Nisi holder will allow the use of two slots with no vignetting when used vertically and minimal vignetting when angled. When there is a need to angle a filter, setting the lens to 7.5mm will remove vignetting.



Adapter Details
When purchasing the 7-14 Adapter and the Nisi V5 Pro holder, the holder is shipped with the full kit as shown on the Nisi Filters page, complete with adapter, step rings and polariser. Although the main Nisi adapter and therefore the included polariser can not be used with the 7-14 Pro, it provides the ideal kit to us on all other lenses, complete with a polariser that does not have to have a holder fitted to use.

For extra security a sliding security plate is supplied with the Adapter which is fitted to the rear of the V5 Pro holder. This covers the join opposite the lock pin to ensure the holder cannot accidentally dislodge from the Adapter. When using the Nisi v5 Pro Adapter on other lenses simply leave the Plate in the 'open' position. When purchasing the v5 Pro and Adapter together it will be supplied ready to use. Please see the V5 Pro Mod page for instructions.

To use the Nisi v5 Pro holder with other Olympus lenses, simply use additional step rings supplied with the v5 holder. Please note a 62mm ring is not included but can be supplied.

Having the ability to use the Nisi V5 Pro filter holder with the Olympus 7-14mm Pro opens up a new world of creative opportunities for the serious photographer, and means one system can be used across all lenses, reducing valuable kit bag space and cost.

Please see the 7-14 Adapter Details page for more information.

Please see the link v5 Pro Mods if you did not purchase the holder and the Adapter together and need instructions for the modifications.

Not compatible with Nisi polariser, please see here 7-14 Polariser Details

New - The New Nisi V5 Pro is compatible with the 7-14 Adapter and offers significantly better performance with vignetting than the V5 due to new rail design.

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Detail panel
Main Features:

Use two rails vertically with no vignetting at 7mm

Angle filters with minimal filter holder intrusion

No light leaks using ND filters

Made from strong textured anti reflective PU nylon

Made to exacting tolerances using the latest technology

Built in ‘lens stop’ for perfect alignment

Built in neoprene gasket to grip lens and prevent light intrusion

Secure locking plate fit to the holder

“Just got back from an evening test spin of my new Nisi filter system, using the amazing adaptor for the 7-14pro lens. The tide was coming in, and the sun was dropping behind a hill, so time was short., what a terrific piece of kit!!! I see just how much fun the filter system will be, especially with this lens. For anyone who's been putting off buying filters for the 7-14 because of a lack of filter attachment method, the wait is over. Phil's adaptor is beautifully engineered and manufactured, and a bargain as well.” - Adam Kerner, NZ

“Well made does the job exactly as it should and fits like a glove” – David Thompson, UK

"This is exactly what I have been looking for, initially skeptical but no need, it fits perfectly, simple to use and a superb must have accessory for the Olympus 7-14 Pro" - Don Cheadle, UK

“Being a landscape photographer I tried attaching filters with elastic bands but could not find a way to use ND’s for long exposures. This does the job perfectly and with no light leaks. I took Phil’s advice and also tried the Nisi IRND1000 despite having a Big Stopper and he was right, if you do long exposures, this is the one you need” - Jason Stiles, UK

"Superb, it has allowed me to use this amazing lens to its fullest, works perfectly and doesn't even take space in my bag. It fits amazingly well and I had full confidence walking around with it attached to the lens" - David Holt, UK

“There have been a number of ad hock attempts to solve the riddle of using filters on the 7-14. This does it perfectly. And it introduced me to Nisi. I got a new holder with adapters for other lenses AND a polarizer for half the cost I was about to spend on a Lee polarizer” - Robert Taylor, UK

"Can't thank you enough for the adapter, I searched and searched hoping for a solution and then I found this. It has released my lens from the burden of not being useable with filters and now I can use its full potential. Whats more Phil responded to every question, gave me tips and even called me to make sure I was happy. Great kit and great service.” - Peter Marshall, UK

"Great kit, perfect fit, thought I would have to look at a 150mm filter solution but really no need, great job” - Andrew Mason, USA

“Really pleased with the adapter and filter holder combination it works very well” - Terry Donnelly FRPS FSWPP MPAGB, UK