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Olympus OMD Workshops

The Olympus OMD system is incredibly versatile and feature packed making some aspects of landscape photography very easy. For the beginner it can seem daunting with the complicated menu system and range of customization options. And the manual is less than helpful. Being so feature rich means it allows the photographer many opportunities to capture images in different ways, which needs an understanding not only of the features, but which one is most suitable for the situation.

As a specialised and recognised Olympus Trainer and Mentor a Workshop will help you not only understand the features and benefits of your system, it will help you get better images. The same as other Workshops with inspiring locations to visit, we will also concentrate on setting your OMD up to suit you, explore the menus and features, and then practice all of the features to help understand what they do.

We will discuss your way of shooting, the genres you have an interest in, and set the camera up for these to give you the flexibility and confidence you need. We will explore Mysets and Custom settings, setting button features, and explore the reasons behind doing it.

Having used Olympus since 2014 and rebuilding this website with 90% of the images taken with OMD’s I know the system well and what it is capable of. During a Workshop we will explore the unique features so that you master your OMD, allowing you to be more creative, competent, and see your ‘keeper’ rate increase dramatically.


Full Day 1 To One Workshop £140
Groups Up To 6 People Per Person £80
Nisi Sponsor
Workshops are proudly sponsored by Nisi Filters. I always have a full range of filters available to try if required.
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Flexible And Complicated...

Olympus cameras are incedibly flexible and ideally suited to a wide range of genres, including landscape photography, and I should know, I have used Olympus from the first Em10-mk1. With the introduction of the EM1x and the EM1-mkIII, additional features and flexibility have been added making them even more capable, flexible, and complicated.

This can be incredibly daunting for new users, and even experienced users. And the manual does not help. Although it will explain how to use settings, it does not explain why. I will help you understand your camera, how to customse settings to make it more flexible for you, in a way you will find easy to understand, and we will use practical situations out in the field so you remember them.
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Just a Tool..

Olympus offer incredibly versatile and powerful systems with a wealth of built in features, and ways to customise them. We will explore the features, and at the same time remember these are just tools to help you realise your creativity. The camera should become second nature, and you will be much more confident using it. We will also cover other areas of photography such as composition, exposure techniques, depth of field, and others, to allow you to move onto the next stage of your journey.

Join me and let me show you how your Olympus camera can be mastered easily.
Workshop Locations

Olympus Workshops are held in the same stunning locations as general workshops, please see main Workshop page. I cover the East and West coast, Peak District, Yorkshire, North Wales and Northumberland. Other areas can be arranged.

What You Will Learn

All aspects of your OMD and how it can help your photographic creativity, from long exposures with Live Time, how to use Live Comp, & understanding how they differ from DSLR’s.

The emphasis is advancing your landscape photography whilst at the same time mastering your OMD.

  • How to see the shot and what to look for
  • Composition for dramatic effect
  • Understanding Rule Of Thirds and Lead In Lines
  • Understanding Light


Using filters for balancing exposure, preventing blown images and getting shots like a pro.
We will also practice creative filter use such as ND filters for long exposure and polarisers for removing reflections and boosting colour. Filters will be provided for your use during the Workshop.

We will cover all camera settings for landscape photography, ISO, Aperture, Depth Of Field, Exposure Comp, as well as the more advanced features found on OMD’s and how you can utilize them. We will also cover how you can set your OMD for different shooting situations.
  • Live Composite
  • Live Time/Bulb
  • HDR Mode and Bracketing
  • High Res Mode (EM5mk2, EM1mk2)
  • Night Photography
  • Focus Bracketing
  • Mysets & fn Buttons.
  • Customising for different situations

If you don’t have Olympus Pro lenses you can also have the chance to shoot with the stunning m.Zuiko Pro landscape lenses, the 12-40, 40-150, 7-14 and 8mm. Also discover first hand how you can use filters on the 7-14mm Pro with the Nisi Adapter I designed and produced.

Olympus OMD EM1 mk2
I will be running workshops to help you get the best from this Pro body to take the pain out the steep learning curve. Learn the unique features creatively, how to set it up to suit you, and how it can benefit you. If you are thinking of upgrading, try it out first on a Workshop.
How Long Is A Workshop?
Workshops are full days and normally around 10 hours or longer if needed. Winter months with short days will restrict daylight shooting, although it's a chance to make the most of sunrise, sunset and low light. Summer months allow for shooting into late evenings. If you're not local but would still like a workshop with me I can travel within a reasonable distance, normally no more than 2 hours. Please note expenses for fuel will be required.