Portugal Workshops

I have teamed up with my good friends Hugo and Mauricio at Olympus Passion to bring you an adventure you will not forget.

Concentrating on the stunning Western coast of Portugal, we will have 4 days touring some of the breathtaking scenery on offer. You will learn techniques such as composition, good exposure, how to use filters, camera techniques and workflow. Open to anyone with a camera who wants to learn how to capture stunning images.
About the Workshops

Once a secret, the south-west is the jewel of Portugal and is undoubtedly becoming a desired destination. With beautiful beaches and unspoiled scenery, the Alentejo coastline is the perfect destination for your next workshop.

Facing west, the coastline is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, making it the ideal location for creating stunning coastal images.

Just a step away from the heart of the Alentejo region, there are stunning locations for shooting sunrise and sunset, and opportunities for daytime photography along the coast. You will also have the opportunity to shoot street scenes in the unspoiled towns and the famous green fields and olive groves of the region.

I will be your host for a photographic adventure along this stunning coast line, and I will guide you through the photographic process, whatever your skill level. From basic settings and understanding exposure, to advanced techniques and settings, I will help you master your camera. Under my instruction you will understand composition, learn how to ‘see’ the shot, and avoid common mistakes. You will learn the secrets of shooting in different situations, such as challenging light, long exposures, and how to make sure you get the shot. You will also learn how to use filters to control exposure. For Olympus users learn how to set up and customise your camera to suit you and learn advanced techniques.


Date: 21-24 May 2019
Location: Southwest Portugal
Participants: 6

For more information and to book please visit Olympus Passion