Photography Workshops & Tuition

A Photography Workshop is probably the best way to advance your skills quickly, at a pace that suits you. From complete beginner with no knowledge to the more experienced, I tailor tuition to suit your needs. I will show you techniques in an easy to understand manner and help you advance to the next level. You will learn landscape photography much faster with tuition in either a group workshop or 1 to 1 workshop. My aim is always to give you my full attention and assess your ability and needs. From this I will guide you and help you progress, whether it is creative ability, technical, or both.

Workshops are held in a variety of stunning locations in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, Wales, Northumbria and the Peak District, with scenery that will with guidance get you images you will be proud of. I will provide transport between locations and accessories such as filters and tripods are available if required.

After your workshop you will have a better understanding of your camera, it's functions, and how to capture amazing images like the pros.

Workshops are focussed on your needs and will cover the technicalities of your camera, what various settings are for and more importantly when you should use them. We will also cover the creative side, how to see the shot, how to compose, and how to get the best from a scene.

As a Specialist Olympus OMD Trainer and mentor I am well placed to pass on my knowledge of this system. I spent many years using Canon crop and full frame systems and also use Sony and Nikon cameras. I also have available for use a full range of NiSi filters although you may use any filters you have.
How Long Is A Workshop?
Workshops are full days and normally around 10 hours or longer if needed. Winter months with short days will restrict daylight shooting, although it's a chance to make the most of sunrise, sunset and low light. Summer months allow for shooting into late evenings. If you're not local but would still like a workshop with me I can travel within a reasonable distance, normally no more than 2 hours. Please note expenses for fuel will be required.


Full Day 1 To One Workshop £140
Groups Up To 6 People Per Person £80
Gift Vouchers Available Here

To Book
Book and pay by deposit online, after which I will contact you to discuss your chosen location, dates and your requirements.
Alternatively please email me with your requirements and dates, and I will be happy to discuss your workshop with you.
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What You Will Learn

We will cover a wide range of subjects from camera technique to creativity. I will always discuss with you first what you think your needs are, so you are more comfortable and will advance faster, assessing progress throughout the day.

  • How to see the shot and assess a scene
  • Understand Composition for balance and effect
  • Understanding Rule Of Thirds and Lead In Lines
  • Understand light and shadow


Using filters for balancing exposure, preventing blown images and getting shots like a pro.
We will also practice creative filter use such as ND filters for long exposure and polarisers for removing reflections and boosting colour. Filters will be provided for your use during the Workshop.
  • Understanding your camera and settings
  • Understanding aperture ISO & shutter speeds
  • Ideal settings for different shots
  • Perfect exposure and how to get it
  • Understanding the Histogram
  • Manual Mode and why not to be afraid of it
  • Advanced techniques to shoot like a pro
  • When and how to use bracketing
  • Understanding long exposure
  • Good shooting technique handheld and tripod
  • Understanding focus and depth of field
  • Using RAW v JPEG
Where Are Workshops Held?

Workshops are held over a wide area of the North of England in selected areas because of the diversity of photography opportunities, including stunning landscape views, and areas of beauty on the coast.

If you are not close to one of these areas please contact me, I may be able to travel to you. Some workshops are only available as Group workshops.

If you prefer a workshop near your home that can be arranged. Please contact me with suggestions of areas you know and I can research them to find the best locations, download OS maps, find sun positions and high/low tide times.

Below is a list of the main workshop locations:

The Peak District-Stanage Edge, Higger Tor and other areas
Saddleworth-Blackstone, Dovestone, Castleshaw, Oldham area
Manchester-And surrounding areas
Pennines-Haworth and surrounding areas
Yorkshire Dales and Yorkshire Moors
The East Coast-Spurn Point, Withernsea, Filey, Whitby
The West Coast-Southport, Lytham, Blackpool,
North Wales-Coast, Snowdonia, Anglesey
Northumbria-Bamburgh, Dunstanburgh, Holy Island

For other locations please contact me.
What You Will Need
Your camera and empty memory card. Despite what you may think any DSLR will be capable of capturing great images with the right technique. For landscapes a wide angle lens is ideal and a telephoto lens will also offer good opportunities. A cable release is useful and they are very cheap. if you don't have one the self timer can be used. Your camera manual. If you don't have it you can usually download one to your phone. A tripod. 2 spare tripods are available if required, groups will need their own.

Good warm clothing and waterproof coat, even in summer, at dusk it can get very cold in the wind. Sturdy walking boots are essential. Wellington boots are a good idea for visits to the coast or streams in the Peaks.
"You were tirelessly patient from dawn till dusk, and the Processing workshop has got me well on the way. I learned more in one day that I have in months, and my Nisi filters are superb."
David Holt
"I learned so much from both our workshops and had such an enjoyable time, thanks for showing me such amazing places and teaching me so well"
Herman Chow
"Thanks Phil, I learned so much, you were so patient and made sure I remembered everything. It's so much easier now and I'm getting such amazing shots!'
Natalie Smith
"Thanks Phil, I know how to use my camera now! maybe next time some night photography. Still amazed how much you know and how well you teach!"
Nigel Turner
Other Testimonials

"The workshop at Spurn Point was fantastic, thanks Phil, I got some amazing shots with the techniques you showed me" - Steven Adams

"Thank you so much Phil! The sunset was so amazing and the places you showed us to capture it were spectacular! I know how to shoot sunsets now" - Becky Peterson

"The Workshop was invaluable, I learned so much about my camera, things I didn't even know where there" - Johnathan Newton

"I can't wait to go out and try some of the techniques you showed me, it's so much easier when someone actually demonstrates it. Thank you so much" - Julie Wilson