V5 Holder Mods-7-14 Adapter

Directions for modifying the Nisi v5 Pro holder to use with the Olympus 7-14 Pro lens. Please note if you purchased the holder with the Adapter this will have been done for you.
Please follow the instructions below, it is very easy and takes only a few minutes. Screws and nuts are m2.5 threaded. Please keep the original screws in a safe place if you need to return the filter holder to 3 slots.
Mod Image 1
Image 1- Your Adapter will be supplied with spare Gasket (not shown), long screws and short screws in a pack, and a Security Plate to fit to the rear of the v5 Pro. Nuts are also included. The Security Plate gives added protection against the holder accidentally being knocked off the holder.

Image 2- Remove the Nisi metal Adapter ring from the holder. Using the right size screwdriver remove all the screws fixing the rails onto the holder. Remove one plastic 'slot' from each side of the rails. Keep the plastic top cover on the rails attached.
Mod Image 2
Image 3- Screw in 4 short screws into the positions show in the red circle. Note the spare slot rails that were removed.

Image 4- Screw in 2 long screws into the two corners shown in the red circle. Screw these screws tight so more thread extends through the back of the holder.
Mod Image 3
Image 5- Turn the Holder over, Place the plastic Security Plate onto the screws in the position shown. Fit two nuts as shown. If there is not enough thread on the screws for the nuts please tighten the screws more. The screws are long enough for the nuts to attach but will stick out of the nuts. The nuts need only be finger tight. (Shown with Adapter fitted).

Image 6- Shown with Security plate fitted and Adapter fitted to the 7-14 lens. Please see the banner images for more details. To fit the adapter, simply push and twist it onto the lens. Ensure '714' is at the top and that is firmly pushed back onto the lens. The Security Plate has long holes to allow it to slide open and closed. Open the plate to fit the holder to the Adapter, then slide it closed to give to ensure the Adapter cannot detach itself. Note, I'm most situations the Adapter will not require the plate, in low temperature the Adapter can contract slightly, so please fit the plate and use it. When using other lenses please use the original adapter that is supplied with the v5 Pro and leave the plate in the 'open' position so that the polariser wheel will not snag. Check the nuts and tighten them periodically.